The City of Christmas in Keokuk’s Rand Park is in its 33rd year. Thirty-three years of bringing joy to Keokuk and the surrounding tri-state area. Thirty-three years of tradition that offically begins the Holiday season. Thirty-three years of immense giving and hard, hard work on behalf of the committee to bring it to us. And unfortunately thirty-three years of bringing out the worst in a small few.

This year, like many others in the past, the City of Christmas has been the victim of theft, of vandalism, and of fraudulent monetary donations. It’s a tradition that no one wants and that so many searches their hearts and minds to end. We say ” How do we stop this from happening”? Is it more police? Cameras? A night watch perhaps? Many suggestions have come over the years in the interest of protecting our City within the City that we all have come to love. The solution to this yearly problem has been an important topic of conversation to the members of the City of Christmas committee and it is ongoing. One thing is for sure, no matter what the choice comes to be, the plan that is put into action will need one thing. That one thing is donations from us. The City of Christmas has always depended 100% on us. The citizens of this community, the families that go through time after time, year after year. Unlike other cities of lights in other communities, the City of Christmas in Keokuk’s Rand Park has always been for all. No cost to come through. You could drive through every day from Thanksgiving to New Year, as many times as you’d like. The City of Christmas welcomes all. So it is going to take all of us to keep it that way. Keep it free, keep it safe, keep it in our traditions for the next fifty years to come. All we have to do is donate. Donate what we can, be it a $1 or $100. Our donations not only go to the lights and the upkeep, but to new security matters to keep the City safe from those who sadly wish to cause harm.

When we speak of our City of Christmas, the last thing one wants to speak of is sadness, let alone anger. The City is the antithesis of all of these things. The City of Christmas brings joy to the smiles of adults and children alike. Wonder to eyes seeing it for the first time. Excitement to see what is new, nostalgia to see favorites from our childhood and surprises along the way. People come from all over the tri-state area to see our City. Journalists come to bring its sparkling reach to the masses, proclaiming Keokuk as one of the best “Christmas Towns” in Iowa. The Grinch may be real, but the City of Christmas will always be just as long as we have we.


To donate to the City of Christmas visit here: Home | City of Christmas Display of Lights

Written by: Leah Jones

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