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The Dudes With No Name show comes to you every Monday evening LIVE from Chintz’s Bar & Grill in Keokuk! You never know what the dudes are going to be talking about. Sports, video games, movies, music, food, and more! Join them on Monday nights and kick off your night right with the Dudes.

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Dudes With No Name crew


Michael Greenwald

Mikey G suffers from Multiple Personalities, as can be heard across several shows. Weekday morning's 7-9 on Z93.9 he brings you 93Now. Conversations with local area leaders, your topics about your community. Rock out with Mikey as he brings you the Modern Rock Lunch Buffet, filled with the best Rock from the 90's through today Monday-Friday noon-2. Enjoy a Dad Joke for dessert on the house. And Nerd out with all things Dude. Mikey got his start in Radio at the age of 4 with his trusty fisher-price tape recorder, and the rest is history. Bizarre, strange history. I guess the victors do write the history books after all. He lives in Keokuk, with his Wife, 2 kids, 2 dogs, and His Navy of fish. In his spare time he manages the Greenwald Retro Video Game Museum, and loves him some Hawkeye sports!

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