The Molly Hurley Memorial Scholarship

The Molly Hurley Memorial Scholarship Fund was created to help cosmetology students to follow their dreams in honor of the late Molly Hurley. Molly's dreams of owning her own professional salon were realized after many years of hard work and dedication. Maggie Lou's came to life bringing joy to all who had the privilege and experience of being a part of it.

Molly gave to others in many ways, whether it was a new style that brought an extra bounce to their step, a compliment to bring a smile to their face, or a hug that brought a smile to their heart. This scholarship will allow Molly to continue to give to others, helping to allow them to follow their dreams as she did.

The scholarship is open to any Lee, Hancock, or Clark County high school graduate or individual 18 or older who will be enrolled in cosmetology school in 2022. This is a partial scholarship to be provided directly to the chosen candidate’s cosmetology school of choice. Applications will open for submissions January 14th 2022, at this link with the deadline for applications on April 21st, 2022.