Radio Keokuk Co-Owner Mike Greenwald is the morning show host of 93Now, and has been known to make various other appearances doing anything and everything around the station.  Mike is a perpetual prankster who will do anything for a laugh in his attempt to make Radio Keokuk the fun place to be and the entertaining radio for you to listen to!  Oh yeah, and the Rock, he loves him some 90’s Rock.

Mike is originally from the suburbs of Chicago and moved to Keokuk in 2010 with his wife Lacey, and now has two kids, Juliana and Justin.  His career in Radio began at Wartburg College in Waverly, IA in 2002 where he was a crazy DJ for 4 years while serving as Assistant Music Director for one year, and the Station Manager of KWAR for two years.

After college a job in Radio was not to be found, so Mike got into business management and sharpened his skills of being a general do-gooder.  Now 12 years since his last time behind a microphone, and an incredible series of events, he finds himself as Co-Owner of KOKX and WCEZ and is riding on cloud nine  being able to chase his dreams of working in radio.

In his spare time Mike loves to relax with a cold one and play Retro Video games.  We’re pretty sure he has some kind of illness, as we can certify that he has the largest video game collection in the Tri-State area.  He is a born and raised Cubs fan (crazy dude spent the money to go see his Cubbies play in the 2016 world series!) and an Iowa Hawkeye Football fanatic.

Mike can be reached here at