Leah Jones / Co-owner

Leah Jones shows

Radio Keokuk co-owner and on air personality Leah Jones loves starting off her day with her listeners. And coffee. Lots of coffee.

Join Leah weekdays from 9am to Noon. From Journey to Joan Jett, Metallica to Smashing Pumpkins. Born in the 80’s raised in the 90’s, Leah’s got your mornings rockin.

In 2002, Leah walked into the local radio station and told manager Jim Withers “I’d like to work here”. For some reason she never understood, he said yes. That being said he also warned her “You look like a lifer. You should probably know you’re never getting out of this”. Sixteen years later, he was right. Leah and her business partner Mike Greenwald took over ownership of the station in 2018 and the rest is Radio Keokuk history.

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