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Brian Jobe


Top 20 Local Music Countdown with Brian Jobe

It's the Top 20 Local Countdown with Brian Jobe! Tune in every Sunday night during "The Man Cave" to see which local bands made the cut every week! Missed an episode of the Top 20 Local Music Countdown?             Want to submit your song to the Local Top 20 Music Countdown?

When you think local rock music, you think Brian Jobe. Brian not only brings you “The Man Cave”, but the “Local Top 20 Countdown”. The local musicians in the tri-state area put their blood, tears, and soul into their music and Brian is their vessel. Bringing you their music his way. This guy is so dedicated, he never forgets a local musician’s birthday. You can follow Brian on social media and on his local music group and information page “Southeast Iowa Local Music History and Current Events”. Want to submit your music to the “Local Top 20 Countdown”? Email Brian at brianj@radiokeokuk.com

The only thing more precious to Brian than local music is his family. Brian has been happily married to his wife Shelly since 2006. Together they have three amazing kids, Robert, Brianna and Jared

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