Radio Keokuk introduces you to Meleiah Gonzalez. She is our Account Manager that helps everyone with those special song requests, getting everyone’s commercials live on our radio station, and keeping you updated on the local events on our community calendar.

Meleiah Gonzalez moved away from Hamilton, IL to Texas and started a business with her husband called Gonzo’s FabWorks & CNC. In 2018 she decided it was time to move back to her original community for family and friends, plus having the opportunity to become part of the Radio Keokuk Team, where she can give back to community where she first started. Outside work, she is all about her family, which includes her husband Michael, plus her two boys Anthony and Carter, by just enjoying life. She lives life to the fullest even if its being lazy on the couch or going somewhere new, she’s livin’ life!

You can reach Meleiah with Radio Keokuk at