"Some people make the world special just by being in it"

Marty Hall was one of those people. He personified what it is to be compassionate, giving, and creative. Marty gave to so many in this community by teaching and guiding them to be the best version of themselves they could be, to help them when the fell, and raise them up when they succeed. His contribution to so many lives in the short time that we had him was an inspiration to others in this community and the spirit of Marty lives on through them. The tri-state area is lucky to have people like Marty who make a difference in our lives every day. Never asking for thanks, or accolades, but deserving of them all the same. Radio Keokuk and Lucky’s is proud to come together to say Thank You to those people who bring the same light into our communities that Marty did.

Once a quarter we will be presenting “The Marty Award”. This award will be given to those who never ask for acknowledgment or thanks, but spend their lives giving back and helping others. The award will be based on an individual’s contribution to the lives of others and the community.

To nominate a candidate for “The Marty Award” please fill out the nomination form below. Be detailed and concise on why you feel this individual brings the same type of giving and compassion to this community as Marty did. An award recipient will be chosen once a month by a panel of peers. If your candidate is not chosen you may renominate the individual again for one of the following months. If you have any questions please contact leahj@radiokeokuk.com

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