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guvendemir/iStockBy LUIS MARTINEZ, ABC News (WASHINGTON) — The U.S. plans to reduce troop levels in Iraq to 3,500 from about 5,200, a U.S. official confirmed to ABC News. The reduction in forces had been anticipated, with U.S. military officials highlighting the Iraqi military’s growing ability to carry out independent operations against the remnants of ISIS. […]

dicus63/iStockBy PATRICK REEVELL, ABC News(MINSK) — President Vladimir Putin on Thursday said that for now, Russia sees no need to send in its forces to intervene in Belarus but warned that it might if protesters there sought to remove president Alexander Lukashenko violently. Putin said Russia had created a “reserve” of security forces to send […]

Kuzma/iStockBy BRITT CLENNETT, ABC News (CHRISTCHURCH, New Zealand) — “Your crimes are so wicked that even if you are detained until you die, it will not exhaust the requirements of punishment,” said Judge Cameron Mander on Thursday, handing down New Zealand’s maximum sentence to the man who carried out the country’s worst gun massacre at […]

FILE photo – toos/iStockBy NICOLE PELLETIERE, ABC News (NEW YORK) — A baby who was being born as a deadly explosion rocked the city of Beirut is now inspiring his country in wake of the catastrophe. George Khnaisser came into the world on Aug. 4, moments after the explosion in Lebanon. His mother, Emmanuelle Khnaisser, […]

solarseven/iStockBy GUY DAVIES and NASSER ATTA, ABC News (LONDON and JERUSALEM) — The first death linked to the novel coronavirus since May occurred in Gaza on Wednesday, according to the Palestinian health ministry, after the territory went into a 48-hour lockdown prompted by a new cluster of cases. A 61-year-old man died after contracting COVID-19, […]

iStock/JRLPhotographerBY: LUIS MARTINEZ (DAMASCUS, Syria) — Four U.S. military personnel were injured Tuesday when their vehicle was side-swiped by a Russian military armored vehicle during a tense encounter with Russian troops in eastern Syria, according to a U.S. official. Multiple videos posted on social media showed a chaotic scene between American and Russian military vehicles […]

macky_ch/iStockBy PATRICK REEVELL, ABC News (MOSCOW) — The suspected poisoning of Russia’s best-known opposition leader Alexey Navalny is the latest to happen to a long line of Kremlin opponents. The Kremlin, as it has with Navalny‚Äôs case, has denied any involvement but poison has long been a weapon used by the Russian security services and […]

hansslegers/iStockBy CONOR FINNEGAN, ABC News (NEW YORK) — Three years ago, Myanmar’s military escalated its persecution of the Rohingya — a mostly-Muslim ethnic minority — with a sustained, violent campaign of murder, rape and beatings that cleared hundreds of thousands from their land and burned their villages to the ground. But even amid continued sporadic […]

omersukrugoksu/iStockBy MORGAN WINSOR, ABC News(LONDON) — Twenty inmates were shot dead Sunday at a prison in Madagascar as authorities tried to stop a riot there. The riot began Sunday afternoon at the prison in Farafagana, a city on the southeast coast of the African island nation. Inmates split into two groups, with one side attacking […]

querbeet/iStockBy KATIE KINDELAN and ZOE MAGEE, ABC News (LONDON) — Queen Elizabeth II is making changes to her living arrangements due to the coronavirus pandemic. The 94-year-old plans to stay at Windsor Castle, her royal residence located about one hour outside of London, instead of returning to Buckingham Palace, her full-time residence in London, when […]

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