Samara Heisz/iStockBy MORGAN WINSOR, ABC News (NEW YORK) — A pandemic of the novel coronavirus has now killed more than 903,000 people worldwide. Over 27.8 million people across the globe have been diagnosed with COVID-19, the disease caused by the new respiratory virus, according to data compiled by the Center for Systems Science and Engineering […]

Toa55/iStockBy MEREDITH DELISO, ABC News (NEW YORK) — A 1-year-old was killed and his parents suffered third-degree burns after attempting to escape a wildfire in Washington state, authorities said. Jacob Hyland, 31, and Jamie Hyland, 26, of Renton, Washington, were discovered with their child on the bank of the Columbia River in Okanogan County Wednesday […]

deepblue4you/iStockBy WILLIAM MANSELL and JULIA JACOBO, ABC News (SALEM, Ore.) — At least seven people have died in the western United States as firefighters battle dozens of wildfires up and down the coast. Nearly 200 wildfires across nine western states are currently burning. In Okanogan County, Washington, a child died and his parents suffered third-degree […]

Jocelyn SierraBy ALLIE YANG and DENISE MARTINEZ-RAMUNDO, ABC News (NEW YORK) — Ryan McCarthy, secretary of the U.S. Army, doesn’t know if there will ever be justice for Army Spc. Vanessa Guillen, but he says “it’s clear” that the Army let her family down. “We have to find answers and we will hold people accountable,” […]

DaveAlan/iStockBy WILLIAM MANSELL, ABC News (NEW YORK) — At least eight people in Oregon, California and Washington are dead as a result of the devastating wildfires ravaging the West Coast and the destruction and death toll are only anticipated to get worse, according to Oregon Gov. Kate Brown. There are 37 active fires, with more […]

stefanamer/iStockBy MEREDITH DELISO and DR. JAY BHATT, ABC News (NEW YORK) — As schools attempt to bring students back to school safely, a game-changer might come out of central Illinois. The University of Illinois’ Urbana-Champaign campus has one of the most aggressive COVID-19 testing protocols among institutions of higher education in the country, as it […]

ABC NewsBY: AARON KATERSKY and IVAN PEREIRA, ABC News (WASHINGTON) — Two protesters who took part in Saturday night’s protest in Rochester, New York, were charged for allegedly assaulting police officers, federal prosecutors said. Adam Green, of Dansville, New York, and Dallas Williams-Smothers, of Rochester, both 20, were charged in the Western District of New […]

iStock/sshepardBy: AARON KATERSKY and BILL HUTCHINSON, ABC News (NEW YORK) — A former Columbia University doctor who critics charged was let off easy in a 2016 no-jail plea deal in a sexual assault case has been indicted by a federal grand jury on charges of using his position to sexually abuse female patients. The federal […]

U.S. Attorney’s OfficeBY: AARON KATERSKY and JUSTIN DOOM (NEW YORK) — Ethan Melzer, the former Army private accused of plotting with a Satanic neo-Nazi group known as O9A to kill fellow soldiers, pleaded not guilty to new charges brought Wednesday. The superseding indictment includes two new counts of illegal transmission of defense information. “While deployed […]

iStock/Sean PavoneBY: KARMA ALLEN (WASHINGTON) — Milwaukee’s outgoing health commissioner said she faced racism and received threats during her tenure — events she said contributed to her decision to resign last week. Dr. Jeanette Kowalik said she received anti-Black and anti-immigration threats from white supremacists and was faced with a racist and toxic environment as […]

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