Tillman and Davidson Are Recipients Of “The Marty Award”

Written by on November 2, 2020

In the face of adversity, especially in what has become of the year 2020, there are always shining beacons of hope. Sometimes they come to us in the forms of others. Individuals of any age and for many reasons. Marty Hall was one of those individuals who shined so brightly. We are honored to reward two more recipients with “The Marty Award” for their own selfless giving to the community in the face of adversity.

Marc Johnson, Sylvia Tillman, Renee McKnight

Sylvia Tillman is no stranger to those who give in this community. As senior pastor of God’s Way Christian Center in Keokuk, Tillman has been giving back to those most in need in our community for a long time. Whether it be food, shelter, or just a shoulder to lean on, Rev. Tillman spends her days bringing that hope to others. Not one but multiple individuals have nominated Rev Tillman for this award since its inception, including Teresa Hoskins and Renee McKnight. “For years pastor Tillman has tirelessly served the poor and homeless in the community She has been a refuge for those in a need and often a voice for the poor. She is an unsung hero in the community. Each day her efforts make a difference in someone’s lives” said McKnight.

God’s Way Christian Center in Keokuk has worked through the difficulties brought on by the pandemic in 2020. Lead by Pastor Tillman, the church works tirelessly to bring life-saving essentials to those in need. If you would like to donate to the cause donations can be mailed to God’s Way Christian Center, PO Box 962, Keokuk IA with directions to go towards the Food Kitchen. Donation items can be dropped at the back door of the church at 1623 Des Moines St on Monday and Tuesdays between the hours of 9:30-10:30 am. Donating individuals should ring the back doorbell and wait for someone to acknowledge their delivery.

Community members can view God’s Way Christian Center’s Facebook page here and their YouTube channel here.



The term ‘hero’ can be used in many ways in society. Most often it applies to those who don’t expect it, but rise up when the moment is unexpectantly thrust upon them. This award recipient shows that true hero’s come in all age and sizes. Recently 12-year-old Draven Davidson found himself along with his family and 17 others in a terrifying accident. An accident that could have reduced the strongest of us, adults let alone children, to great fear in such a moment. Some may have understandably frozen in that fear, but Draven did not. He lept to action. His father Mike Davidson described it as “going into a mode”. That mode may well have saved many others. Draven lept into action immediately following the accident, finding his siblings, mother, and injured father in the aftermath. Not only did he find and bring together his own family, but then continued to help and saved others. Children such as himself, Draven helped them out of the ravine, helped them with their wounds, and gave them words of encouragement. For this amazing act of bravery, we are very proud and honored to award Draven Davidson “The Marty Award”.

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