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oonal/iStock(LONDON) — Victor Orban, the prime minister of Hungary, was granted extraordinary powers by his nation’s government this week. By 137 votes to 53, lawmakers in the Hungarian parliament voted to give Orban’s government the power to rule by decree to combat the coronavirus pandemic, for as long as the prime minister sees fit. Rights […]

narvikk/iStock(BRASILIA, Brazil) — Governors responsible for more than 200 million Brazilian citizens have refused to relax social distances measures despite the insistence of the country’s president amid the outbreak of novel coronavirus. Rejecting the recommendations of international organizations and his own health ministry, President Jair Bolsonaro urged his nation to end its quarantine and get […]

PeterHermesFurian/iStock(NEW YORK) — The COVID-19 pandemic has dominated the news agenda across the globe since the start of this year, but in one secretive Central Asian country you won’t even hear the word ‘coronavirus’ mentioned — and its putting its citizens in danger, according to a new report. In Turkmenistan, which was ranked at the […]

omersukrugoksu/iStock(NEW YORK) — India’s first week of a nationwide 21-day lockdown in response to the coronavirus has shined a brutal spotlight on the plight of the country’s most vulnerable citizens. Mirai Chatterjee, who is based in densely populated Ahmedabad, a northern city of more than five million, knows this better than anyone. “The poorest and […]

Courtesy of Alyssa Baker(NEW YORK) — On March 31, Baker announced that both of his parents, Stuart Baker, 74, and Adrian Baker, 72, died due to complications from the coronavirus. The couple had been married for 51 years, he said, and died just six minutes apart. “My parents were two amazing individuals who impacted mine […]

da-kuk/iStock(NEW YORK) — NFL agent Buddy Baker said his parents died six minutes apart from COVID-19. The couple, married for 51 years, were in “perfect health” before contracting the virus, Baker said in a video posted to Twitter. “Hopefully this can be a catalyst for a change. Practice social distancing, wash your hands as regularly […]

kireewongfoto/iStock(LONDON) — The 2020 Wimbledon championships has been canceled due to the escalating worldwide coronavirus pandemic and will next be held from June 28 to July 11, 2021. Ian Hewitt, chairman of the All England Lawn Tennis & Croquet Club, said Wednesday in a statement, “This is a decision that we have not taken lightly, […]

cmannphoto/iStock(NEW YORK) — At least four NBA players who have recovered from COVID-19 plan to donate blood for an experimental treatment that could help high-risk patients overcome the virus, according to Dr. Michael Joyner, a member of the leadership team of the National COVID-19 Convalescent Plasma Project. The experimental therapy, called convalescent plasma, utilizes the […]

Governor Kim Reynolds may issue restrictions related to the COVID-19 outbreak that are local and not statewide. “We are able to look at the metrics based on communities, based on counties, based on regions,” Reynolds said today during her daily COVID-19 briefing. Reynolds, so far, has issued proclamations during the pandemic that are statewide in […]

Michael Richards of West Des Moines was elected to another term today as president of the board which oversees the three state universities. Richards then talked a little about the issues the Board of Regents has faced during the coronavirus outbreak. “Please know that the decisions we have made are in keeping with the health […]

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