New Problems in Powdertown

Written by on March 5, 2019

At the Lee County Board of Supervisors meeting on Tuesday a complaint was brought up during the Public Input portion about a new problem developing in Powdertown.

Richard Moore said he owns property in Powdertown and one of his neighbors has a septic system that does not work and has flooded his property.

“It does not work, our yard, the yard on the other side, are both flooded with raw sewage,” Moore said.

He said the property is owned by Kathy Dye and the Lee County Health Department is aware of the situation.

“Health Department knows about it, so far, nothing’s been done,” Moore said.

The system was put in by Pro Plumbing, which according to Moore is not a company that is licensed to do work in the county.

“I know if you look up on the county website, they’re not on the list to do anything in Lee County anymore,” Moore said.

Supervisor Matt Pflug has received information about the situation from Moore previously and informed him it was a planned topic of discussion for the Health Board Meeting on Wednesday.

County Attorney Ross Braden said he had been in talks with Rosa Haukedahl from the Health Department about systems that had been put in several years ago, but was unaware of any that had failed completely like the one Moore was referencing.

Moore said there is another system near Argyle Road, which he said was also put in by Pro Plumbing, also experiencing problems.

He said the systems were put in when Haukedahl was not present.

“Not to throw Rosa under the bus, but she was gone when this system was put in. So I think that’s part of the issue there,” Moore said.

Moore went on to say this has been going for nearly two years.

“We can’t use the backyard. We got a garden area that Rosa said by no means do you plant a garden there,” Moore said.

Moore is willing to pursue legal action, but doesn’t think it should be necessary.

“I feel like we shouldn’t have to go get a lawyer to go after them when I believe it’s a county screw up,” Moore said.

Pflug said he would attend the meeting on Tuesday and call Moore afterwards to inform him of what is discussed.

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