A Tribute To Marty Hall

Written by on February 25, 2019

Every week Radio Keokuk walks the halls of Keokuk High School and brings you the Student of the Week. Every week this is made possible by Keokuk Contractors. But this is no regular week. For the family that is Keokuk High School, right now it feels like it will never be a regular week again.

This past Friday evening tragedy struck with the loss of a man who many called a teacher, a coach, a mentor, and a friend. Marty Hall touched the lives of many. Every day. When I learned of this tragedy my heart broke. For the loss of a great man. For the pain I knew my friends and peers would be feeling. For the students who loved him so much. As you do when tragedy strikes you, you reach out to others. I picked up my phone to talk to the people who knew him best and try to give them some comfort. The realization then struck me, that I may have a little piece to comfort them right here in my hand. I had Marty’s voice right here in my hand.

Every week when I visit KHS and speak to Principal Adam Magliari for the Student of The Week, I am not surprised to find that this weeks student was nominated by Mr Hall. He seemed to always see the best in them. To always be so proud of these kids, to see what others might miss. He wanted to make sure everyone knew that these children were exceptional. I interviewed Marty several times and you could always see the pride on his face. Hear it in his voice. That is what I wanted to share with you. Marty Hall, doing what he did best, recognizing the best in others.

Leah Jones
Radio Keokuk

Marty Hall Tribute

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