Chiefs Forced to Vacate Win

Written by on August 31, 2018

Information courtesy of press release from Keokuk High School Activities Director Zach Summers:

On Friday, August 24th at our football game vs Davis County, Keokuk had a kid play that fell under the scholarship rule by failing a class the 2nd semester of last year. The Iowa High School Athletic Association penalty for the use of an ineligible athlete in the sport of football is forfeiture of contest.

The administrative staff of the IHSAA recommends that Keokuk forfeit their contest at that it will go as 2-0 victory for Davis County.

This athlete was a kid that moved back into our district with his family last spring and to our knowledge had never played sports or was involved in any extra curricular activity so when we ran our eligibility report at the end of the year and sent it to the coaches he was not flagged.

The football coaches came across this student and saw he was a good looking kid and worked hard to get him to come out for football and be a part of a program that we are trying to build into something special. At that time this student came aboard on the football team.

It is important to us at Keokuk High School to do what is right and self report this issue so we can own up to our mistake and move on from it. This way of thinking by our administration and coaches will help us teach our student/athletes right and wrong and will show them that we can be big enough to own mistakes no matter what consequences may arise.

We are on the brink of doing special things at Keokuk High School and we have some really good coaches in place to get our kids there and we do not want to risk what we have going for a simple mistake of a kid falling through the cracks of our eligibility report.

I would like to thank you for your understanding of this situation and my hope is that all of us at Keokuk will grow and learn from this process and we will continue to strive for great things here that represent Keokuk High School and the IHSAA in a positive light by doing the right things and doing them with pride and passion that everyone is proud of.

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