Democrats Open Lee County Headquarters

Written by on August 16, 2018

Rep. Loebsack spoke about the importance about getting out and putting in the work to raise voter awareness. -Tyler French/RADIO KEOKUK

The Lee County Democratic Party celebrated the opening of their Keokuk and Fort Madison headquarters on Wednesday night.

The Keokuk headquarters, located at 514 Main Street, was officially opened at 5 pm and local representatives as well as U.S. Representative Dave Loebsack were in attendance and spoke about their campaigns.

Loebsack is seeking re-election and spoke on the “Get out the Vote” Program and expressed how important it is for everyone to do everything they can.

“Come Nov. 7, if we have not won this governorship, if we have not taken back at least one House in the Iowa Legislature, if we have not gotten me back to Washington D.C., and maybe one or two more than that from Iowa and taken back the U.S. House of Representatives, I don’t want any of us to say ‘Oh my God, If only I had done a little bit more we could have avoided this,” he said.

He said this includes going door to door and spreading as much support for democrats as possible.

Representatives running at the local level also spoke at the event as well. Chris Mann is running unopposed for her re-election as Lee County Treasurer while Rich Harlow is running for the Lee County Board of Supervisors District 3 seat and talked about what he finds important.

“I say I that care about you and Lee County, I do. I say that I have public office experience and I do. I say that your tax dollars are very important and they are. I’m interested in good jobs for Lee County,” Harlow said.

Harlow has previously served on both the Fort Madison City Council and the Lee County Conservation Board as well

Iowa House Representative Jerry Kearns has announced he is not seeking re-election, but did indorse Jeff Kurtz to replace him.

“I encourage you to go out and work as well for him. He’s a great candidate; he’ll be, I think, almost anything that I was doing in way of supporting the Democrats in the House. Jeff Kurtz is going to be great,” Kearns said. “He’s going to, I think, keep on the road that we’ve gone here in Lee County. He’s worth working for, he’s worth voting for and worth contributing to.

The general election will be held on Nov. 6 across the country.

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