Connection between North and South Lee County

Written by on July 20, 2018

Connection Bank recently opened a new branch in Burlington to continue to build their brand after their merger.

The merger took place in 2016 and the bank knew that a new name was necessary.

“Connection Bank was the marriage between Fort Madison Bank & Trust and KSB (Keokuk Savings Bank). At the time we knew one of the hurdles was going to be the imaginary dividing line between North and South Lee County,” Vice President of Marketing and Communications, Kim Fehseke said.

Fehseke said they knew the names would not work in the alternate towns as well as the locations in Burlington and Montrose.

“We really had to put our heads together and think about what we wanted to do,” Fehseke said. “We decided that we didn’t want to be KSB or Fort Madison Bank & Trust, but we wanted to be this new entity. That’s really where the idea of Connection Bank came from. Part of the concept was the way we connect with our communities.”

They worked with a marketing company out of Des Moines to help them figure out who them wanted to be.

Connection Bank already had locations in Burlington, but their presence was not really felt.

“Burlington, I think, is a growth opportunity for us. We knew we were going to have to do something to be more present in the market,” Fehseke said.

New additions to the banking system at the Burlington branch include recyclers, which help prevent theft and human error, and a new Kamasa online banking system.

Planning for the new building began last summer and they first broke ground before winter last year. The branch officially opened on July 1.

The goal of the new branch was to serve as a flagship for all other branches of Connection Bank.

“We played a lot with the curves with our focus on evolution and technology, we don’t want to be an uptight traditional bank,” Fehseke said.

“We want to be traditional in the sense that we are safe and reliable and a good place to do business, but in the way we treat people and interact with people, we want to be much more laid back and approachable,” Fehseke said.

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