Indi Wind Shop – Here for our Workers

Written by on December 19, 2017

The Tri-State Area is built on the back bone of our workers. Men and women who go out into our workforce every day and do just that. Work. In their shops, in their factory, in the wind and cold. Rain and heat. Keokuk’s newest business Indi Wind Shop is there for that worker.

Holding their grand opening open house last week, Indi Shop owner, Robert Shattell showed the public what he has to offer our workers. Workwear and Personal Protective Equipment that is quality, but affordable. Everything for the construction worker to the factory worker, mechanic to the homeowner working on his improvements, Shattell wants the Tri-State Area to have the options for durable effective workwear that doesn’t break your bank.

“Selling the workwear and PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) only made sense to me considering I’ve been out there in the field in wind for the better part of the last 7 years and know what us “grease monkeys” like. Most the gear in existence is expensive and companies typically buy the cheapest stuff they can find. I’d like to help companies lower their bottom line (as this is what inspires them) while increase the quality/choice the people in the field (no matter the industry) have”, says Shattell.

Co-owning with partner Jennifer Campbell, Shattell has over 17 years experience in the business, bringing insight to our working class consumers that translates to making their jobs the most efficient, comfortable and of the utmost importance – as safe as can be.

You can visit Indi-Shop at 21 South 2nd Street in Keokuk, visit their website at or follow them on Facebook at

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