In February Lee County will be on the market for a new County Attorney. Longtime county prosecutor Mike Short has notified the county that he intends to retire from his position as county attorney with his last effective day being January 31st. Short has served the county legally since 1976 and was elected as county attorney in 1978. After 40 years of service, Short felt it was time to end his tenure as Lee county’s lead prosecutor. Lee County Supervisor Gary Folluo has stated that Short made the board aware officially early last week and posited that in light of Short’s retirement he would like to see the board open the job opening up to all qualified applicants. Both Short and Folluo said that while an interim is needed in the short term, they would like to see the county attorney spot remain a full time position moving forward. The approach moving forward with the county attorney’s position is expected to be on the agenda at the Tuesday January 10th board of supervisors meeting.