Recent occurrences in Keokuk and the surrounding areas have brought to light a service that gets overlooked in rural communities. The Roquette chemical leak and the search for missing boaters have utilized helicopter support to move quickly in times of emergency. AirEvac Lifeteam number 59 is located in Fort Madison on the campus of the hospital and provides Air Evacuation services to the tri-states area and Lee County. In the case of missing persons the AirEvac teams are also capable of using helicopters in search and rescue or recover missions. On their mission statement, AirEvac states that 46.7 million Americans live more than an hour away from critical medical services and without air evacuation, they risk inability to receive lifesaving care in a timely manner. Keokuk Area Hospital alone uses the AirEvac team on a regular basis to quickly bring patients to needed care in Quincy, Iowa City, and Burlington.