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As of 8/7/2018 our podcasts have moved over to our streaming site, where they are available on demand!  Head on over to Z93’s streaming page and look for podcasts in the menu to find today’s 93Now podcast!



8/6/2018 with Co-Host Special Agent K, Keokuk Area Chamber of Commerce


8/3/2018 with Co-Host Karen Thie, United Way of the Great River Region


8/2/2018 with Co-Host Mayor Tom Richardson, City of Keokuk


8/1/2018 with Co-Host Charles Craft, Riverfest 2018


7/31/2018 with Co-Host Joy Swearingen, Western Illinois Threashers


7/30/2018 with Co-Hosts Dr. Kali Kircher, Kircher Family Dentistry & Dr. Sophia Chen, Greenwald Family Dentistry


7/27/2018 with Co-Host Charles Craft, Riverfest 2018 & Leigh Kakaty Pop Evil


7/26/2018 with Co-Host Devon Dade, The butt of many Dad Jokes


7/25/2018 with Co_host Doug Matlick, Lake Cooper Foundation


7/24/2018 with Co-Host Chris Greenwald, City of Fort Madison


7/23/2018 with Co-Host Kirk Brandenberger, Keokuk Area Convention and Tourism


7/20/2018 with Co-Host Robert Shattell, Indi-Wind


7/19/2018 with Co-Host Mushroom Mark


7/18/2018 with Co-Hosts Dave Wendt & Joe Fierce, Lee County Iowa Historical Society


7/17/2018 with Co-Host Savannah Collier, Fort Madison Chamber of Commerce


7/16/2018 with Co-Host Shelley Oltmans, Keokuk Area Chamber of Commerce


7/13/2018 with Co-Host Joyce Glasscock, MainStreet Keokuk Inc


7/12/2018 with Co-Host Cullen Hartley, Keokuk Christian Academy


7/11/2018 with Co-Host Cole O’Donnell, City Administrator City of Keokuk


7/10/2018 with Co-Host Steve Cirinna, Lee County Emergency Management Coordinator


7/6/2018 with Co-Host Leeann Shaffer Smith, ISU Extension and Outreach


7/5/2018 with Co-Host Jim Whitfield, Red Cross


7/3/2018 with Co-Host Nathan Unsworth, Lee County Conservation


7/2/2018 with Co-Host Tyler French, Radio Keokuk Sports Director


6/29/2018 with The Mixed Nuts? The SSH Knxtion Reunion?? Whoever they are, they are rocking the Z93 Studio with Live Music!


6/28/2018 with Co-Host Tina Hartman


6/27/2018 with Co-Host Chris Barnes, Keokuk Community School District


6/26/2018 with Co-Host THE Leah Jones


6/25/2018 with Co-Host Devon Dade, Talbot Home for Sober Living


6/22/2018 with Co-Host Andrea Rogers, Keokuk Municipal Waterworks


6/21/2018 with Co-Host Kira Kruszynski, Keokuk Area Chamber of Commerce


6/20/2018 with Co-Host Maggie Simon, Relay for Life South Lee County


6/19/2018 with Co-Host Lisa Twitchell, President of the Hospital Auxiliary


6/18/2018 with Co-Host Aaron Burnett, The City of Keokuk