Radio Keokuk Co-Owner Leah Jones takes you through your afternoons, weekdays 2-6 on Z93. Keeping you going and mentally present after your lunch sets in and you really just want to take a nap. She’s probably consumed so much red bull she can see sounds. Sounds of your classic rock she brings you on Z93 (see what I did there).

Leah is a Keokuk native who’s radio career began here on KRNQ in the 2002. She then went on to work with iHeartRadio in Rochester NY on the Brother Wease morning show. After returning back to her home town she is ecstatic to be back and a part of the Radio Keokuk family here at Keokuk Broadcasting. Outside of her job here at the station Leah loves cleaning up after, I mean spending time with her two kids Chase and Ava. She loves her Hawkeyes, her borderline obsessive genealogy work, and any fandom that would label her not cool (cough, cough, Harry Potter,ahem) It seems that she survives on pizza, coffee, and music alone but I am sure there is some more thrown in there. Pretty sure.


You can reach Leah here at Radio Keokuk at