Statement from Sec. Ashcroft on Alleged Election Fraud in Missouri

Jefferson City, Mo. — A statement has been made from Missouri Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft regarding Berkeley, Mo., Mayor Theodore “Ted” Hoskins, charged with several felony counts of election fraud. According to court documents, Hoskins is alleged to have altered absentee ballots and has been charged with one felony count of forgery and four felony counts of committing an election offense.

“Our office was pleased to reach out to federal law enforcement officials to help the St. Louis County Board of Elections move forward with their analysis. Thank you especially to Eric Fey, who was determined to make sure a conclusion was reached in this case. Voter fraud is real, and these charges make that clear.

“At the federal, state and local levels, officials and their staffs work hard to ensure your elections are secure and free from fraud. There is integrity in Missouri’s system, and election workers are paying attention. We are all in this together – working to maintain that integrity, helping each other improve cybersecurity, and keeping open lines of communication so we can work together to protect this important system through which you elect your government and make your voice heard.”

Hoskins is accused of voter fraud in the use of absentee ballots falsely submitted by himself on behalf of seniors in their 80’s and 90’s whom did not know or were mislead on what they were signing.