Why Selena Gomez decided to become a producer on Netflix’s ‘Living Undocumented’

Netflix(LOS ANGELES) — As a producer on the new Netflix docu-series Living Undocumented, Selena Gomez has been able to raise awareness of the immigration crisis in the U.S., as well as open up about her own family’s immigration journey.

But how did her producing credit come about? The series’ director and executive producer, Aaron Saidman, tells ABC Audio he had a feeling the issue was close to Selena’s heart and knew her star power could help spread the word, so he sent her some early footage of the series. He says Selena was “moved to tears” by what she saw, and decided to come on board.

“She wanted to say something on the issue and I feel like many of her fans wanted to hear from her on the issue and felt that through this series she could begin to make some of those statements and bring awareness to it,” Saidman says.

As for the extent of her involvement, Saidman says Selena watched cuts of the series and gave her input. But perhaps most importantly, she used her platform to bring attention to the project.

“Trying to get the word out and having someone with her reach help you do that is a real difference-maker,” Saidman says. “And we’re indebted to her because of it.”

In a video posted to YouTube Friday, Selena was able to meet with three of the series’ undocumented teens and share an update on what life has been like for them since filming completed.

“Really just sitting around a table, just the four of them, I think was a sort of deeply emotional and moving experience for her, and you can see it on camera,” Saidman says. 

The six-part Living Undocumented series, following eight undocumented families as they face potential deportation, is streaming on Netflix now.

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