Iowa Youth Straw Poll Releases Area Students Voting Data

Area high schools in Lee and surrounding counties took place in the mock election Iowa Straw Poll yesterday. The Office of Iowa Secretary of State states the goal of the poll is to “engage students in a fun, hands-on learning experience that will inspire them toward civic engagement”.

State wide results, shown here, show President Donald Trump the front runner for the Republican Presidential Candidate with 34.6% of the vote. Bernie Sanders, with 15.4% of the vote was the chosen candidate for the Democratic Party.

The students also voted on U.S. Representative Candidates – Districts 1 thru 4. When asked if they plan on registering to vote upon turning 18, 86.7% said yes.

Local results were as follows:

Keokuk High School

Donald Trump2024.39%
Pete Buttigieg1619.51%
Bernie Sanders1315.85%
Joe Biden1214.63%
Elizabeth Warren910.98%
Andrew Yang89.76%
Tom Steyer22.44%
Amy Klobuchar11.22%
Julian Castro11.22%
Grand Total82100.00%

Central Lee High School

Bernie Sanders1343.33%
Donald Trump1136.67%
Joe Biden26.67%
Julian Castro13.33%
Kamala Harris13.33%
Cory Booker13.33%
Elizabeth Warren13.33%
Grand Total30100.00%

Fort Madison High School

Donald Trump5925.99%
Bernie Sanders4620.26%
Joe Biden198.37%
Pete Buttigieg156.61%
Elizabeth Warren146.17%
Tulsi Gabbard135.73%
Beto O’Rourke125.29%
Andrew Yang104.41%
John Delaney83.52%
Cory Booker73.08%
Julian Castro73.08%
Tom Steyer62.64%
Amy Klobuchar52.20%
Steve Bullock20.88%
Marianne Williamson20.88%
Mark Sanford10.44%
Michael Bennet10.44%
Grand Total227100.00%

To view the state wide results of the straw poll download this excel file that will allow you to search by County, City, and school.