Shooter Standoff with KPD

The Keokuk Police Department reports the arrest of 31-year-old, Joseph Daniel Cass, of Keokuk.

Cass was taken into custody on Feb. 5, 2019 at approximately 5 AM on a Lee County warrant for Voluntary Absence and a charge of Domestic Abuse Assault While Displaying a Dangerous Weapon, an Aggravated Misdemeanor.

On Feb. 4, at approximately 10:57 PM, officers were called to the home of Cass for a domestic situation with a shot fired within the house.

According to Lee County Attorney Ross Braden, Cass fired a shot at, or in the direction of, the female, who described the gun as an AK-47.

Upon officers’ arrival, Cass and the female victim were found outside the home. As officers approached Cass, he ran into his house and refused to come out. 

Negotiators with the Iowa State Patrol were called to assist.

After several hours of talks, Cass turned himself over to law enforcement without incident.

A search warrant was served at the house and a firearm was recovered. This investigation remains open.

The Keokuk Police Department was assisted by the Tactical Response Unit, Lee County Sheriff’s Office, Iowa State Patrol and Lee County Attorney’s Office.

A criminal charge is merely an accusation and a defendant is presumed innocent until proven guilty.

The Keokuk Police Department could not be reached for comment.

Braden said part of the reason for the several hours of talks was due to him being unable to get remote access to the county server past a certain time.

A judge had arrived at the Keokuk Police Department and was waiting for Braden to send him the search warrant to be signed, but Braden lost access to the network.

“For one reason or another, after 1:30 AM, my computer recognized when I went to send the email that I was on the county network and told me that the system administrator has restricted my access during which times you may log in,” Braden said.

He brought this issue up to the Lee County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday morning and said this was a major problem during the standoff.

“While the judge is waiting on my search warrant, law enforcement is waiting outside and they are prevented from taking any action without this search warrant,” Braden said. “I think if they don’t have it, that’s a safety issue as well.”

Braden went on to say that he plans to work with county employees and Board Chairman Gary Folluo to discover the problem and remedy it moving forward.

He will also bring it back in front of the board to see if any changes can and need to be made to the remote access policy.

“We can’t have that happen where, in the middle of the night, our access is limited and our guys are out there with a gunman,” Braden said.