City Hall Damaged by Fire

Keokuk Fire Personnel responded to a call on Tuesday night at City Hall as the back of the building had caught fire.

All shifts were called in to battle the blaze.

The flames on the exterior of the building were extinguished around 8 PM and the interior was cleared about an hour later.

Reports say the fire began at the back of the building and and made their way forward. – Tyler French/RADIO KEOKUK

Keokuk Fire Chief Gabe Rose said there was not much information they knew yet on the origin of the fire, but it began in the back of the building and moved towards the front.

There was heavy damage on the first floor and City Administrator Cole O’Donnell said he expects the building’s basement has extensive water damage.

“It was a catastrophic fire. It took out the first floor of city hall and there’s extensive smoke, fire, water damage to the entire building,” O’Donnell said.

He said the city offices will set up for the foreseeable future in the third floor of Pilot Grove Savings Bank, 601 Main Street.

“The have graciously offer that up to let us begin getting set-up up there. It’ll probably have to work out a short term lease because not moving back into this building any time soon,” O’Donnell said.

Thursday’s City Council meeting will go on as scheduled and will be moved to the Keokuk School Board Room in Torrence Preschool, 1721 Fulton Street.

The workshop will begin at 5:30 PM and the meeting will follow at 6:30 PM.

More information will be posted once made available.