New Kid on the Board

After beginning his campaign early last year and winning the election in November, Rich Harlow was finally been able to join the Lee County Board of Supervisors earlier this month.

Harlow replaces the exiting Don Hunold, who did not seek re-election in District Three. Harlow said he ran for the position because he felt he could commit to the job and do some good for Lee County.

“I’ve got the time to devote to this, to the meetings, I’ve got good health. I like to help people, that’s my primary concern,” Harlow said.

In replacing Hunold, he will be taking over the committees his predecessor sat on.

These committees include the Children First Committee, 401K Committee, Employee Insurance Committee and Employee Safety Committee.

He will also serve as liaison to the Lee County Conservation Board.

One of Harlow’s biggest goals is to improve roads in Lee County, especially keeping secondary roads in good shape.

An example of this is 255th Street, where Harlow said no work has been done in many years and several people spoke to him about it during his campaign. His goal is to make sure it become a bigger priority moving forward.

“I would like to see that firmly in the Five Year Plan and get something done with that,” Harlow said. “Let’s take a look at maybe having a hard surface road there.”

He said Van Buren Township is the only township in Lee County without a hard surface road.

The campaigning process was not the most fun for for Harlow at times because of how busy people are and he felt it could be bothersome for them.

“I don’t like to bother people, but I guess that’s what you have to do in America for democracy in action to get your message out and hopefully get elected,” Harlow said.

People were very vocal to him, however, about what they would like to see.

“The primary things that they’re thinking about is give us good roads, don’t raise our taxes, make good decisions, quality of life issues and those kinds of things,” Harlow said.

The area that Harlow represents includes Van Buren, Harrison and Jefferson Townships, among others, and Wards 4A and 5 in Fort Madison.

Harlow said everyone is welcome to the Lee County Board of Supervisor meetings which take place at the Lee County Correctional Center every Tuesday at 9 AM.

He also said people can reach him most effectively by email at and there is something important people should know about him.

“What do they need to know about me? That I am available to listen to people,” Harlow said.

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