Past Allegations Surface on Keokuk Daycare Center As It Sets To Close

Keokuk daycare center Rosie Posie Child Development Center is set to close as of today following an ongoing Iowa DHS investigation into allegations of neglect and abuse. 

The following letter was issued to parents and clients of the center from owner and director Whitney Wagaman:

Attention Rosie Posie Families,

Due to matters in the situation of the incident, we have had to follow an action plan to operate. 

Each day has come with new challenges making it difficult to realistically follow the action plan. 

I am making the decision to once again close on Friday September 28th, Friday will be the last day Rosie Posie will be open. 

Details are still being worked out with the new ownership, but unfortunately I cannot accommodate running business to help the transition of new ownership.

I apologize to all of my families, this has been a terrible situation. I am sorry for the roller coaster it has been this week, please understand that is has not been easy on anyone in this building. I encourage you to talk to staff on finding temporary care until ownership is handed over. 


Whitney, Owner

The impending close comes upon allegations and the investigation of Drayton Gail, a 4 yr old child in the care of the center who was left in the center’s van for almost four hours last Thursday, September 20th, in temperatures over 90 degrees and the alleged following cover up. 

Iowa DHS is currently conducting an investigation of the incident, but they are no stranger to the facility. Iowa DHS reports show several complaints filed against the facility since it’s opening, including the following reports which include allegations of employees under the influence of alcohol and marijuana on the job along with allegations of abuse. Many of the individuals implicated in one of the reports are also implicated in this latest incident, along with another report that resulted in an employee being terminated. 

February 2016 Complaint

August 2017 Complaint 

Attempts by Radio Keokuk to reach out to owner and director Whitney Wagaman for comment were not returned. The centers social media page has also been removed.