Child Allegedly Left In Bus For Four Hours At Keokuk Daycare.

Drayton attending Torrence Pre-School

A local private day care is currently under investigation by Iowa Department of Human Services for allegedly leaving a 4-year-old child on a bus for nearly four hours on Thursday, September 20th.

According to Keokuk Police Chief Dave Hinton, DHS officials filed a report with the Keokuk Police Department Friday afternoon regarding the incident at Rosie Posie Child Development Center, 2330 Plank Road in Keokuk.

Drayton Gail is a 4 yr old student at Torrence Preschool in Keokuk and had just become the newest member of Rosie Posie that week, attending the care center after school. On Thursday, September 20th, the Rosie Posie Bus picked him up from school at 11am just as it had the previous two days that week. According to reports Drayton was strapped in to his seat on the bus where he proceeded to fall asleep on the ride to the daycare center.

Drayton’s Mother, Kayla Gail, states she was contacted at her place of employment that afternoon at 3:39pm by Rosie Posie owner Whitney Wagaman. According to Gail she was told her son “was not feeling well, did not want to eat or drink and had fallen asleep on the bus on the ride from Torrence to Rosie Posie”.  After that conversation Gail assured Wagaman she would be there soon as she got off of work at 4pm. Upon arrival at the daycare Gail states she was told nothing more of her son not feeling well or being on the bus. When asking her son on the way home about how he was feeling Drayton stated to her that he was upset about “falling asleep on the bus”. Gail states he then began to cry and said “I woke up by myself and cried for Mom and Daddy, but no one came”.

Upon this conflicting report from the child, Gail again contacted Rosie Posie to confirm he was only asleep on the bus a short time and was once again reassured it was “no longer than the 10min bus ride”.

Parents Derek and Kayla Gail told Radio Keokuk that an employee privately contacted them Thursday evening and informed them the child was taken off the bus at 2:45 p.m. and was carried into the building. First aid was then rendered to cool the child down, however no call to medical services was made.

Wagaman was on leave and not at the center on the day of the incident, but the parents said Wagaman has denied the allegations and information provided by the employee. However DHS staff contacted the parents Monday and indicated the investigation confirmed the 4-hour time frame. Reports have come in that the driver of the van employed by Rosie Posie was also fired.

Temperatures on Thursday reached above 90 degrees. Inside a vehicle that temperature can reach up to 43 degrees higher according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, even with the windows cracked. On Monday letters were sent out to the current clients of Rosie Posie Development Center from owner Whitney Wagaman stating the center would be closing by this upcoming Friday, September 28th due to the incident. However the centers Facebook page states it will now remain open with possibly new ownership.

The incident remains under investigation.