“Black Panther” fans keep prank-calling residents of Wauconda, Illinois

Marvel Studios(ILLINOIS) — “Wakanda forever!”

The words are the rallying cry in the hit superhero movie Black Panther — but they’re also the words people are screaming into phones as they call residents of Wauconda, Illinois, according to The Chicago Sun-Times.

Wauconda is a small village outside of Chicago, but it’s getting major attention from diehard fans because of the resemblance to the name of the fictional, advanced African nation featured in the film.

“We had a guy call and [he] was shouting that. I was a little confused,” said Alise Homola, who works in the village. “He just said that ‘I was searching the Wakanda from the movie, and your village came up, so I thought I’d call you and give you a hard time.’ ”

As Black Panther breaks box office records, other residents are reporting similar phone calls, and even emails requesting vibranium, the super-metal found only in the reclusive nation.

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