Supervisors Debate Courthouse Repairs Again

During public input at Tuesday’s Lee County Board of supervisors meeting, the topic of the costs for repairs at the South Lee County Courthouse came up again. Montrose resident Mary Van Pelt explained that she understood Ron Fedler’s concerns about the costs associated with the tuckpointing and roof repairs at the Keokuk Courthouse but reminded him that this is what the voters directed them to do when they overwhelmingly defeated last year’s courthouse bond referendum. Van Pelt then asked what the overall costs thus far have been to repair the Keokuk Courthouse to which budget director Cindy Renstrom explained the total thus far is just over 660 thousand dollars. Gary Folluo explained that the money for repairs comes from the local option 1% sales tax but Van Pelt asked what would happen if that fund is depleted before any work is done on the Fort Madison Courthouse. Folluo noted that all repairs that have been performed thus far are based on the 5 year plan the board adopted and both Ron Fedler and Don Hunold stated they would like to keep several hundred thousand dollars in that fund for emergencies. Last week the board passed 96 thousand dollars in change orders to the Keokuk Courthouse with Fedler being the only no vote.