Keokuk Officials React to Malicious Letter to the Editor

During the workshop portion of Thursday’s Keokuk City Council meeting, 1st Ward Councilman Mike O’Connor raised the question of how the city should look into the background of citizens applying to serve on city boards and committees.

O’Connor cited a recent letter to the editor in the Daily Gate city in which he referred to but didn’t name Historic Preservation Commission member Tom Trandel who slandered everyone at the city from staff, to the mayor, and the city administrator. Councilman Dan Winn questioned what should be done about this individual, to which two of the people Trandel slandered the most openly, defended the right to raise objections. Susan Dunek explained that opposing viewpoints enrich discussions at the city and Mayor Tom Marion was quick to note that open dialogue is a protected right.

Dunek and Marion both pointed out that the letter from Trandel was erroneous and done in bad taste but Dunek said so long as Trandel doesn’t interfere with city staff or commission members, no action should be taken. O’Connor returned to his original point of how the city vets potential appointments.

Mayor Marion explained that in the future the mayor can spend more of his time meeting with commission candidates to gauge their eligibility for positions.


Here is the link which includes Trandel’s Letter to the Editor in the Daily Gate City including a rebuttal from Lee County Veteran’s Project Founder Terry Altheide.