“The Bachelor” Recap: Three Women Nick Really Likes, and Two Who Can't Do Anything but Fight

Nick and Rachel enjoy a moment in New Orleans; ABC/Mark Coffey(NEW YORK) — The conflict between Corinne and Taylor dominated Monday night’s new episode of The Bachelor on ABC. While Taylor repeatedly tried to take the high road, Corinne used every chance she had to undermine her nemesis to win the affection of Nick Viall.

Both women hoped the other would be headed home after the rose ceremony, but they both remained in the game, only to learn later they’d be going on a two-on-one date with Nick — and only one of them would survive. Astrid and Sarah’s fates were sealed when they failed to get a flower from Nick.   

After the rose ceremony wrapped in Nick’s native Wisconsin, the show headed for New Orleans for the rest of the episode. Rachel scored the night’s only one-on-one date, reviving her undeniable chemistry with Nick during a day of beignets, dancing in the street and dinner among the Mardi Gras floats. By night’s end, she’d scored a rose.

Nick used the group date to one of Louisiana’s most haunted houses to rekindle two of his most significant romances this season. Though his one-on-one with Danielle was some time ago, Nick discovered the spark was still there with the nurse from Nashville. Still elated from her great hometown hang with Nick, Raven spontaneously proclaimed her love for the Bachelor, but was disappointed when he gave Danielle the rose.

Corinne and Taylor headed deep into the bayou for a two-on-one date filled with voodoo rituals and a tarot card reading. Corinne once again used her alone time with Nick to try to undermine Taylor, who was given a chance to defend herself by Nick. The two girls continued to clash, until Corinne’s antics seemed to have worked, as Nick sent Taylor on her way.

But if you think you’ve heard the last of Taylor, you’re wrong. The episode ended with Nick and Corinne’s dinner interrupted, as Taylor demanded to speak to Nick alone.

We’ll find out what she has to say next week, when a new episode of The Bachelor airs at 8 p.m. ET on ABC — and the previews seem to tease that Corinne may be headed home as well.

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