B.J. Britt Wants His “Being Mary Jane” Character to “Stop Making Bad Decisions”

BET Networks/Annette Brown(NEW YORK) — B.J. Britt is ecstatic to once again play Paul “P.J.” Patterson, Jr., on the fourth season of BET’s Being Mary Jane and says he hopes this time around, his character will make better life decisions.

Britt, who is set to reprise his role as the younger, and often irresponsible, brother of Gabrielle Union’s character Mary Jane Paul, says playing P.J. has been a blessing — and somewhat of a surreal experience.

“Just like on the show, we’re so close as a family,” Britt tells ABC Radio. “My friends tell me all the time, ‘Why is BET paying you to play yourself, like seriously?’ It’s just certain roles where you just feel like, ‘Wow, how did I even get this?’ And that’s one of those roles.”

Like a brother in real life, Britt, who recently starred as the bachelor on Lifetime’s UnReal, says he’s down to help Mary Jane find “a good man,” but not quite willing to jeopardize their relationship when it comes to money.

“But at the same time I still do need her pocketbook… So you know what? I’m going to let Mary Jane do her thing,” he says.

Instead, the actor is focused on the evolution of his character –who often needs to be bailed out from his get-rich money schemes. “I mean there’s a lot going on with my character…And P.J. just continues to grow as a human being and stop making some of the bad decisions that he’s making in order to make a couple of dollars.” 

Being Mary Jane airs tonight at 10 p.m. on BET.

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