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    Police Called for Incident Near Downtown

    Officers from the Keokuk Police Department were called to the corner of 6th and Blondeau around 4:30 PM on Sunday for the report of a disturbance involving several individuals. Witnesses said the altercation involved shouting [...]
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    PPEL to Provide Future Funding for KCSD

    With a winning vote of 195 to 105, the Keokuk Community School District had their request for a Physical Plant and Equipment Levy approved. Keokuk superintendent Christine Barnes said the district is excited about the [...]
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    Oddfellows Building Being Torn Down

    In excavator is Project Manager Dennis Dore of Dore Associates, out of Bay City, Mich., and on fire hose is Rick Beaver. The water is because of possible asbestos. Air quality is being monitored. Photos [...]
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    Scholarship Available for Local Trade Students

    Up to $1,000.00 available in scholarships for any graduating Lee County, Hancock County, or Clark County students interested in embarking in a career in the Construction and Building Trades Industry.  Students must plan to enroll, [...]

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